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Usage of Terms: –
The terms here applied to user who is going to use this site (i.e. about how they are going to use this Web Site.
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Eligibility: –
• The user must be individual and using this site solely or if the user is not individual, he/she/others must be authorised for dual access of service (by non-individual entity) to agree to our terms and conditions.
• The user must be the age of 18 years or more than that to be able to use our service.
• The user must be the citizen if India only. The products and services described in this website are only available to persons accessing the website from within India. Any activities found suspicious regarding accessing this Web Site outside India will return in some legal actions.
• The user must be a human being to get benefits of our products and services any activity found using  systems by any unauthorised person or bots and automated tools or any other method which is not authorised by us and under this terms will be treated as a crime and legal actions should be taken on the person or the person who is responsible to do these activities.
License and Access: –
We provide you a limited, non-exclusive, non- transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and make personal and non-commercial use of this website. You are only licensed to do certain activities with the materials that is posted on our websites like print copies of any material from our Web Site and can only done by user’s personal and for non-commercial use only.
Also, we do not license to resale or any type of commercial use of any services or contents that is provided by us. You are not permitted to download, modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, sell, transit, offer or distribute, of any portion of the website (other than doing web page caching) in any mode or medium or way either it is photographs, text, software, pictures, graphics, articles, columns, postings, video clips, audio clips, digital downloads, data, messages, contents or other information posted on the website
You are also not allowed to apply framing techniques on our Web Sites to crop or enclose any mark, trademark, logo, or any other confidential information which we do share with our user without any written consent to the company.
The only exception to this case is if company has authorised you with separate written agreement to allow you to use the Web Site for commercial purposes. Also, the rights you are licensed to use the Web Site which is authorised by company personnel’s only i.e. supplier’s, licensor’s, publisher’s, or any other content providers.
The license provide herein can be terminate if you do not comply with the Agreement.

Limitations: –
• Transmission of any content which is abusive, indecent, obscene, pornographic, unlawful, defamatory are objectionable and should be judged as the discretion of the company.
• Use of Web Site to initiate any illegal activity, like money laundering or any other activities which includes transactions of concealment money.
• Transmitting any non-public information about any person or entity without the proper authorization to do so.
• Transmission of any advertisements, solicitations, or any unsolicited communication without the company’s express permission to do so.
• Restrict any other user from properly using the website, including without limitations, by way of “computer hacking” or otherwise altering the software or functionality of the Web Site and its underlying programs.
• Collection or storing of any information about users of the Web Site.
• Deliver or provide any links to any postings without the prior written permission of the company, including, without limitation, to any materials which are deemed, in the company’s sole discretion to be harmful, lewd, obscene, violent, insulting, threating, hateful or objectionable.
• Utilising company’s trademark as metatags on other websites for your own advertising or pecuniary gain, including limitation, utilization as GOOGLE AdWords.

Account Registration: –
• We need user’s name, address, contact number, age, email id, age and any unique identifier that user use to verify their unique identity with us.
• You must agree that you have provided us the accurate, complete, and updated information of yours in your account. Any incorrect information provided by you may result in disability of your account and inability of access of your account and our system and all other services and referral for banking or financial that seek in loan termination.
• You are responsible for all your account activity and you have to maintain the security and secrecy of your account credentials.
• You are not allowed to operate more than one account with us.
Privacy Policy: –
We herein on our Web Site collects information of user directly from them on applications and other forms including information required to communicate with you and assist us in effectively addressing your financial needs. The information which we going to ask from user are: –
Name and Address.
• Investment objectives and experience.
• Financial circumstances.
• Account balance and account transactions.
• Social security number.
• Employment Information
• Email-id
How We are going to use your Information: –

All financial companies need to know or share personal information of their client to run their business and to provide unstoppable service to their user. We also need to share this information to third parties but only as permitted by law, including brokers and dealers or other companies too but we do not sell user confidential data to anyone. Also, we need to share our business information to regulatory authorities from time to time which may also includes sometimes personal information about user.
We promise to safeguard your information/confidential Data: –
We have our own designed procedures which we believe to provide security and confidentiality to your highly confidential data. These include agreements with companies which we hire to help us provide services to you, like password-protected user access to our digital files, training of our employees, strict confidential policies to all employees.
We only use your confidential or disclose it whenever we need to to provide services to you, or as permitted or required by law. The policy which we designed for protection of your information is applicable for our current and former clients.